What is Sarcoma?

Sarcomas are rare cancers that develop in the supporting or connective tissues of the body such as muscle, bone, nerves, cartilage, blood vessels and fat. There are around 3200 new cases of sarcoma diagnosed each year in the UK. Sarcomas are some of the commonest childhood cancers. Most sarcomas (about 55%) affect the limbs, most frequently the leg. About 15% affect the head and neck area or are found externally on the trunk, while the remainder will be found internally in the retroperitoneum (abdominal area).
There are around 70 different sub-types of sarcoma.

GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumour) is a type of soft tissue sarcoma found in the stomach and intestines. Around 900 new cases of GIST are diagnosed each year in the UK.

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All in it together – living with sarcoma Click here to check it out.

This film was produced by Papercut Pictures, an independent film company dedicated to producing fresh and creative video content for charities, organisations and NGOs.

The producer of the film is James Stittle. One of the stars of the film is Katherine Stittle, James’ sister. Sadly, Katherine died two weeks before the film’s launch. James said, “What she wanted more than anything was to raise awareness of sarcoma and this film is a fitting tribute to my sister and her courage in coping with sarcoma.â€

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Imatinib (Glivec) has been accepted for restricted use within Scotland for certain high risk GIST adult patients. The SMC accepted that adjuvant imatinib for three years compared to one year significantly improved survival. However, it has not been…
Sarcoma UK is a patient and carer led organisation that works collaboratively with researchers, scientists and healthcare professionals. The charity and its supporters believe that research is the only way of saving or extending lives affected by sarcoma. Research is also needed to improve quality of life and health after a sarcoma diagnosis – commonly called ‘survivorship’ research. 
Sarcoma UK takes a very positive view of research and has identified funding research as a priority. Our research strategy is almost fully developed. Anyone donating to support Sarcoma UK’s research knows with certainty that their funds are going directly to fund patient centred research into sarcoma. 
Our aim:
  • To increase the critical mass of national sarcoma research and overcome some of the effects of inequalities in research funding that are experienced by people with these rare cancers – balancing ‘rare’ with ‘fare’.
  • To be a regular funder of high quality, patient-focused, sarcoma specific research. Our research grants will be used to support research with people in mind.
  • Through our funds, to advance knowledge and practice that improves the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with any sarcoma, and their families. 
Our principles:
  • Our research funding will be driven by the needs of patients and carers, whether outcomes are likely in the short or longer terms.
  • We are committed to funding the highest quality research. Our grants programme is based on the principles of peer review of all projects. This means the chances of unnecessary repetition is reduced, projects are assessed for quality and every research pound donated and spent works as hard as possible. (Find more about the principles of peer review here, and click on the download called How Do Medical Research Charities Decide Which Research to Fund?
  • Sarcoma UK is a small organisation and sees collaboration and cooperation in sarcoma research as an important principle.We cannot do all the research that people with sarcoma need all by ourselves. We will always take any opportunity to campaign on the need for high quality research into sarcoma whoever funds it, with Government, policy-makers, regulators and the media. We will endeavour to achieve the capacity in funding, management and administrative flexibility that can make this commitment to collaboration a reality. 
Our grants programme
Sarcoma UK’s research grants programme is a dynamic process with annual calls for proposals that are widely, clearly and consistently communicated and then followed up through outputs – academic papers – and results. Click to read information for researchers. A Research Advisory Committee of sarcoma experts from a range of disciplines assesses and recommends projects to the Board of Trustees.
Sarcoma UK (under our previous name of the Sarcoma Trust) issued its first invitation to doctors and researchers to submit their proposals for research projects in March 2009, in a peer reviewed process.
Since 2008, we have committed £355,000 to medical research into sarcoma, funding eight research projects at centres of excellence around the UK. Sarcoma UK’s funded research.
We need your help to fund more research. Click here to donate.